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Moving on

November 7, 2015

I’ve mentioned several times this fall that there has been some major uncertainty in my primary project at work, to which my job (that I LOVE) is somewhat tied. It is finally done, and we failed (although this was almost predetermined.)

It has been dying a slow and painful death for months.  The last hope I had vanished late last month when it was confirmed what the prime institution had been cooking up on their side.  I’ve been playing along, completely willing to do the job I am still being paid to do.  Yet, it is something of a relief to just have this settled. I’m implementing my back-up plans and pretty confident it will work out.

The politics of how things work internally at my job are atypical, and it was ultimately up to a few of my colleagues to make the final call (although I doubt they could have made any other decision that would have done anything but delay the inevitable).  It was clear they had talked about me in their meeting, in a “but what is SP going to do?” sense. Which, of course they would, as decent humans, but I still found it sweet and considerate. I still really appreciated it.  They also kindly passed on that the prime institution really liked me and would love to hire me (if I wanted to move out of state, which of course, I don’t). Unrealistic, but a nice thing to say, to let me know that I had done a good job.  It probably made it easier on them to know I had back-up plans.  I had mentioned plans previously, and had told them not to fight for this on my behalf.  I mean, even if I had no back-up plans, we can’t do a project for the sake of me.

Anyway, it looks like another new year, another new role. Assuming things go to plan, I still have a role at my office, which was my priority.  The job is is kind of a different job, not what I was hired to do, but it still should be interesting. It still should be a job I love.


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  1. November 16, 2015 11:48 am

    A shame it turned out to be this way but it’s heartening to hear that they did care about what would happen to you and discussed it in a way that wasn’t just nominal. I’ll look forward to hearing about your new role / back up plans!

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