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2015 Goal Progress

November 10, 2015

The year is getting close to coming in on a close.  I wanted to take a look at what I set out as my 2015 goals.


  • Save $18,000 each in our retirement plans. On track.   I misunderstood the way my benefits work, and was forced to save another ~$10k in pension contributions from my paychecks (my employer contributes a larger share separately).  These go into an account in my name and earn interest, although I still don’t really understand the point of pensions in this day and age.
  • Reduce food and discretionary spending by 10% over 2015 (excluding travel, house).  Have not evaluated this yet…. Need to look at my spending in detail.
  • $25,000 mortgage prepayment OR equivalent mortgage prepayment + cash saved.  We haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet.  I think we’ll likely have “only” $20k that we could possibly put towards this, and likely will only actually allocate $10k – $15k this year.  The rest will come when we get our tax refund, since we way overpaid in taxes.
  • $9,500 in targeted savings.  Right now this is at $7000.  This should happen.
  • April property tax bill saved by December.  Yes!  I have the December & April money set aside.
  • Consider rolling over old 401ks into IRA or consolidating.  Done!  Well, at least for my last job.  I don’t see a benefit to moving my other one.
  • Consider a back-door Roth for T.  We could do this in T’s name (I think) with no tax implications.  Not a priority this year.

Self care

  • Run (or hike/backpack) 1000 miles.  I kind of lost interest in running this year.  We’ll see if I pick it up again.  
  • Find a local yoga studio. Ditto on this.
  • Eat more vegetables.  Maybe?
  • Establish a weekly & daily routine/habits.  My life is more structured than 2014, but I could improve.

Knowledge, Learning, Education, Career Development

  • Read 35 books.  Unlikely.  My reading plummeted when we got the puppy.  I’m only at 11?!?!
  • Take a class.  I still want to learn Python.  Hmm…  Probably not going to happen by the end of the year.
  • Take a knife skills class.  OK, I need to schedule this!
  • Come up with a list of fun local activities We didn’t do a lot of this either, unless it involved a dog.
  • Be awesome at my new job.  This one, at least, I think I managed to do! As much of a rollercoaster as it has been the past few months, I’ve learned a lot.

Travel Plans

  • Hong Kong + ?:   I skipped this one due to puppy, but T went.
  • Toronto: We didn’t make this trip either, for a variety of reasons.
  • Home:  Yes!  I went home in January (to celebrate christmas 2014), then again this summer, and am going again for Christmas this year.
  • Portland:  Yes!  This was a run-cation with a friend.

House Plans & Budget:

  • Improve Drainage.  Yes.  This was about $12k.
  • Blinds:  Yes.  This was about $300 for some pretty basic blinds for 3 large windows in the office, the guest/spare room, and our bedroom.
  • Desk:  Yes!  We bought a large desk from a surplus store for $100.
  • Repaint bathroom stall.  We didn’t do this yet.
  • Paint ceiling.  We didn’t do this either
  • Replace light fixtures in main living area.  No, we still have these these ones, which I hate.  

So financially, things were pretty good.  A lot of other things slipped through the cracks. I would credit two things for this.  The first is the dog, who was planned but not totally assessed. He took up tons of time (and brought lots of fun too!).  The second is the chaos at work, which drove my anxiety sky high for several weeks and was a huge distraction for several months. Despite transitioning to a different role, I think next year might be stable enough that we can start to build a more normal pace of life.

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  1. November 10, 2015 1:17 pm

    Montreal? 🙂 How about Montreal?

  2. November 11, 2015 4:17 pm

    It looks like you’re doing really well. Pensions are awesome! Both my husband and I have pensions plus matches in our 401k’s. They make a huge difference when you run the numbers for retirement.

  3. November 12, 2015 8:51 am

    Man, puppies. Good thing they’re so cute!

    • November 13, 2015 10:40 pm

      SO CUTE. So much energy. So much effort.

  4. November 13, 2015 9:25 am

    I’ve found a yoga place I love! I can decide to go to class 20 minutes before it starts, change my clothes, and make it there on time. It’s awesome!

    That reminds me that I need to learn Python before January I think…

    Yay puppy!

    • November 13, 2015 10:39 pm

      How do you think you’ll learn it before January?

      I am OK with understanding the actual code (just OK, not talented, but I think i can do it). But I get impatient with setting up the environments and figuring out how to make something run correctly. My husband said to use jupyter. I kinda know MATLAB (once upon a time), but want to learn a free/open language.

      • November 15, 2015 10:21 pm

        Well I already know Ruby, so it’s just a matter of figuring out the differences and using it for a bit 🙂 We can use whatever language we want for assignments, so I might experiment with using Python instead of Ruby for the next thing that is more appropriate for a script.


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