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March Wrap-up / April Goals

April 10, 2016

Net Worth: March was another great month for our net worth, mostly due to the markets recovering.  We’re up 5.4% for the month, and 13.3% for the year.  Most of the gains were in retirement this month, but YTD we also have gained in home equity due to the mortgage prepayments.

Mortgage:  I sent in the last of the $25k that was supposed to go last year.  I want to do another $25k using this year’s money. We’ve been in our house since September 2014 and managed to knock more than $50k off of the mortgage. A nice goal is to pay off $75k by September of this year (2 years in).

Vacation/Travel:  I booked my flights – we are going on vacation this summer!  Since I got a United MilesPlus Explorer card this year, I was able to book my ticket using miles.  We’re tacking this on to T’s work conference, so his flight is also covered.  I’m super excited, and it shouldn’t be a budget killer.

March travel was all work-related stuff, which included a trip to the city my sister lives in.  I extended my trip a few days and got to see my parents, both of my sisters, and my niece and nephew! It is easy and really fun to spend a long weekend there, and it honestly is a relatively inexpensive trip – even if work wasn’t covering flights.

Dog: We sent the puppy away for his first two overnights away from our home (except for his stay with his litter-mate over the holidays), and he did great!  He’s still a pretty high maintenance dog, but the sitters were former Vizsla owners who knew what they were in for.  They are getting their fresh baby puppy in a few weeks, so we like to think we gave them a little practice session for their future little monster! They refused our money, which was sweet.

The dog hasn’t caused us any unexpected expenses this year and hasn’t been to the vet. Yay! We are thinking of a training class soon to help us all get through doggy adolescence. He’s a good dog, but there is room for improvement.

Work was actually pretty good: March was one of the more satisfying months of work in a while. The new (very small) project kicked off, and I’m in a groove on the old project. I mean… there were tons of annoyances and things I should be outraged at, but I mostly didn’t get outraged and have been able to roll with it. (Annoyances are 100% driven by actions of our “partners” on the project, internal people continue to be great.)

We had a work social on Saint Patrick’s day – 4 p.m., beer, snacks, sunshine and good food. I caught up with some good people I hadn’t seen in a while (read: since project implosion).

I stopped by to update my “manager” on what I’ve been up to recently – we hadn’t spoken with in several months (hence the quotes around the title).  There is somewhat of a staffing issue on the horizon at my workplace, but I’ve done a good job at shielding myself from it. He was supportive of my strategy and plans, and we agreed I’d stop by again soon. Against my better judgement, I offered to help on future proposals if he hears about them. Lots of work, but lots of potential for reward.

April Goals:

We’re 1/3 through April by the time I’m posting this, and the first 2 weeks have a lot of work travel… so I’ll keep it short.

Take an anniversary weekend trip. We’re probably going drive North, which we had a super lovely time doing before we moved up north. In fact, it was on that exact road trip that we found out T got his current job (we spent 4/20 in Mendiciono county, which kinda made me laugh when I realized it).  I need to book this…

Other than that, work is unfortunately totally nuts this month, and I’m just going to try to keep on top of everything…

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  1. April 22, 2016 10:53 am

    Things you should have been outraged at but weren’t – because it didn’t get under your skin, or because it wasn’t worth it?

    I always wonder if sometimes I’m *too* calm about things that matter and deserve outrage at work because I’ve gotten so adept at hiding my true feelings about most things.

    • April 22, 2016 4:39 pm


      I’ve been practicing telling myself “This is not my problem”, and it seems to help. It is all part of the same general theme of injustice that I can’t do anything about anyway. If asked my opinion by someone, I’d be eager to give it, but no one really needs/wants to hear it, so… yeah.

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