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June Updates

June 21, 2016

I had most of this drafted a while ago, then… Orlando happened… and I couldn’t figure out what to say.  This latest tragedy hit me harder than previous ones (HOW ARE THERE SO MANY?!), but in the end, I have nothing to add to the conversation that hasn’t been said better by someone else. I don’t have anything eloquent to say, but I’m just sad on so many levels.


Money Bullets:

  • Net worth was up 2% as of the beginning of June – slowly climbing!
  • I have chunk of money ($5-$10k) set aside for mortgage prepayment.  I don’t think there is a reason to delay sending it, but I haven’t sent it yet.
  • We hired a dog trainer for some one-on-one work on a few skills (mostly recall).  We paid for 5 lessons up front, and completed the first two. We have a smart dog who is generally compliant – but he’s still a adolescent and willing to ignore our commands if it means he can play with fun dogs instead of walking nicely with us.
  • On top of that, we signed up for a class through the local humane society. This was to practice with him in in a high distraction controlled environment, and because it is a good value.  I think we’ll do Canine Good Citizen later this year if it works with our schedule.
  • We bought 8 used dining room chairs on Craigslist for >$100/chair, but still don’t have a new dining room table to go with them.  T is in charge of this search.
  • My cash buffer accounts are lower than usual, which is not unexpected.  Travel reimbursements will help out with this.

Work is mostly good.

I had an international trip last month.  My role is such that the trip wasn’t very stressful for me, other than the physical inconveniences of a long flight. I had a chance to connect with a few colleagues that I don’t regularly spend time with, mostly in social situations, which was nice.

The main drawback of my job right now is that a fair percentage of my work is either alone or requires me to travel.  The “alone” work is great for a days at a time – but gets a bit boring if it stretches out too long. The regular travel is to a quite lovely place – but I do really like being home with my husband and my dog.  I mitigate it the best I can, and it is working. In fact, they asked me if I had plans through 2019 or so. Um… not yet?  Geography aside, it is a great job.

I’m a bit worried that I’m taking too much on – so I just need to stay cognizant of what is on my plate, be sure that I know what I’m saying yes to, and keep my priorities in order.

Other life stuff is good too!

My in-laws visited for a week in May, and it was great to see them.  We had lots of extra people (5 adults+2 kids) in our not-huge house, but it was not a problem at all. (Yes, I invited them to stay, and it was mostly our idea!)

I  don’t have any plans to go back to visit my family this summer, but am trying to come up with a long weekend late summer or fall.  Everyone is doing well, though my mom might need surgery for the third year in a row (all separate medical incidents).

I’m planning a trip to Portugal this summer.  T’s flight was covered by business travel, and mine was paid for with points. I also finally figured out how to use my Starwood Points to cover hotels – so the costs will be mostly for copious amounts of food and adventuring.  Yay!  We’re focusing on Lisbon, Sintra, and Evora – although it is still possible to change things up if anyone chimes in with an amazing recommendation.  I did want to visit Porto, but thought it would be better to not spend all my time in big cities (we’re flying out of Lisbon).  I just don’t think there is time to do much.

We spent last weekend camping in a fire lookout tower near Mt. Shasta.  I highly recommend this, although you have to book months in advance to get a weekend slot.  Dog friendly!



That’s all for today – just wanted to get this posted before June was over!

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  1. yuppiemillennial permalink
    June 22, 2016 4:08 am

    Those chairs look sweet! Hope you have a great vacation in Portugal!

  2. June 25, 2016 6:11 pm

    Oh gosh, enjoy Portugal! Jess Lively is there right now and she is posting such gorgeous photos!

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