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February Wrap-up

March 7, 2017


The first half of the year our cash flow is limited – my 401k is front loaded, and we both pay full social security taxes,  but everything is going well.

Net worth is on the rise for the year, up about 10% for the year so far.  This is mostly stock market gains which I’m not convinced will stick….  but I’ll take it for now!

After my initial tax estimates, we have not finished filing them.  Usually, T finishes them off.  We may just pay the exorbitant TurboTax fee (since we need extra forms to handle a reimbursement resulting in a 1099) if he doesn’t have the time/energy to go through them by hand in the next few weeks.  We’ll see.


Our house held up to the crazy amounts of rain without any water in the crawl space (yay for the drainage project we did when we moved in).  However, the shower in one bathroom is leaking a little. The likelihood was noted during the inspection – but we decided to wait until it was a problem before addressing it.  For better or worse, the bathroom is tiny, so it will be a relatively small project. We’ll spend a month or two to  gather ideas & plan (while using the other shower exclusively), then hire the job out this summer when T’s schedule is slightly more flexible.  The shower tile is original 1950s teal green, so it will be fun to get something a bit updated!

The patio project still is not done, but some progress was finally made again after months of rain. T is in charge of this one, so I try really hard to not worry about it until he needs my help. It is working, but I also have to be patient with progress.


This is going great right now!  My boss in Colorado is excellent and I enjoy working for him.  I’m not sure whether my particular arrangement would work out with many other people leading the team, so I’m very grateful that it is working.  It is going to be a  busy month, but everything is really good.


I originally wasn’t planning on going on a big trip with T this year, but I’m tempted to tag along to his conference in Europe this summer. The ideal plan is that I fly out ~2-3 days after him (save on dog care costs/impositions), come for the social banquet at the conference, spend a day or two wandering by myself, then we spend a handful of days exploring together.  If I can use points / miles for my flight and the extra day of hotel, it is pretty cheap – just food/entertainment and dog care.  We’ll see – I have to explore what we’d want to do, and if it is worth using vacation and dog care for.  🙂


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  1. March 8, 2017 7:49 pm

    I always wished the Social Security taxes could be spread more evenly throughout the year but I guess that is not an easy thing to guess.

    We also did a minor remodel when there was damage in one of our bathrooms and I have to say that even though we never would have done it until something happened, it sure is amazing having it more in a way that we both love! Original 1950s teal green is kind of (terribly?) awesome though! Now I want to see pictures 🙂

    • March 9, 2017 11:42 am

      It’s not as bad as it sounds since the floor is neutral and the walls are white, so just the small shower has the green tile, and the shower curtain covers the GREEN-ness of it . I expect the original floor and wall color were less muted 🙂

      • March 9, 2017 11:44 am

        Our other bathroom used to be pink! Possibly even the tub was pink? I saw a photo in one of the disclosures/paperwork that came with the house. The previous owners changed that for us.

      • March 9, 2017 11:48 am

        This picture isn’t totally dissimilar to the coloring of ours, although the shower is narrower, has a curtain, and there is not the green edging sticking out.

        • March 9, 2017 12:27 pm

          OH I see what you mean now (was reading the thread above)…. White is always the best in bathrooms. Don’t know why we get all trendy with colours.

        • March 9, 2017 1:33 pm

          Oh good that doesn’t look nearly as terrible as I was picturing. I was imagining way more of the bathroom being teal tile lol. I saw a place when I was looking where it was really entirely pink tile zomg.

  2. March 9, 2017 4:57 am

    We have the same thing in Canada – the payroll deductions are front-loaded, and end by September, so I always have more take-home pay at the end of the year. Ideally I would save a couple of months’ salary and use it as a “float” to even out my cash flow over the year! I like your plan for the Europe trip – sounds very reasonable.

  3. March 9, 2017 12:28 pm

    Where in Europe??

    • March 9, 2017 4:51 pm

      Germany, near the belgium side.

      Not somewhere on my must-see list, but I’m open minded and seeing what it has to offer. I’ve been to parts of Germany many years ago, but never this part.

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