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June Updates

July 5, 2017


June was crazy busy, mostly in a good way. Of the 22 work days in the month, I was on vacation for 7, traveling off-site for 7, and actually at my desk for 8.  T had some travel too, although one was just a day trip to southern California, and the other fell on a weekend. This is a bit more on-the-go than I like to be, even if most of it was good.

The work travel was especially  nice this month. I’ve been to Colorado lots of times, but this was the first time my schedule and the weather cooperated into a nice post-work hike.  I was stunned me with the beauty, and couldn’t get over the green, the mountains, and the sky.

IMG_4419We did a little bit of dog sitting, and also dropped our dog with his dog friends while we went on vacation. As great as our vacation was, I think he had an even better time than we did!  Since we were gone 10 days, his time was split between 2 owners, and they even graciously took care of the hand-off. I’m so so grateful to know he is in good hands, and I am excited to return the favor as often as possible.

Then there was vacation!  It was really fantastic, and different than any recent vacation we’ve taken.  It is possible I’ll post more on it later, but looking at past data, I also may never mention it again. Spoiler alert – we went over my initial budget projection. This was primarily because I didn’t focus on keeping food / entertainment expenses within my estimates, and things were more than I anticipated.  It wasn’t a large concern to spend a little more.


I’m a bit concerned about our bathroom project that hasn’t started at all. I have no idea where we start! Do we go pick out the tiles and flooring ourselves, then hire a tiler to install, or do we need a general contractor to help with the whole thing, or what?  What is the most efficient way to do this?  It is a somewhat minor remodel, with the hard part being replacing the entire stall shower.  At any rate, we need to get the planning & quotes done before T gets really busy with his academic year.  The actual execution can happen whenever, but we need a plan.  T has a pretty busy summer too, with a big deadline in July and some travel gain in August… And we still have some landscaping to finish up… and my schedule is unlikely to calm down too much.  Is it just me, or is this adulting stuff kind of hard?


Everything is going according to plan on this front – there is nothing exciting happening here.  I have money set aside in our home maintenance / repair fund for the aforementioned bathroom project, and I also have been sitting on a big mortgage prepayment until we have a good understanding of the scope. It’s also summer salary season, which completely fills all of our savings accounts.

Still, there are a a few places we could cut waste from our current budget without too much struggle. Maybe I’ll revisit this in July and see if there are any “easy” places to hang onto a bit more wealth.

Our net worth ticked up by just over 1% this month, continuing a good overall trend for the year.  I’ve gotten so use to this crazy good stock market that it is going to hurt a bit when there is an inventible dip.


I am feeling a lot better about this than I was a month ago. There is still underlying uncertainty about the long term prospects of my job, but I’m trying embrace it (or ignore it) and focus on the tasks at hand. T and I had some discussions about options and plans, and while we aren’t changing anything, it still really made me feel better. We are consciously choosing, together, to accept the uncertainty and do everything we can to make it work out. And if it doesn’t, we can handle the worst financial case and we can also figure out then whether we would make any adjustments.

My small project has been interesting lately!  It is my first time managing a person that needs quite a bit of hands-on management and direction. Most often, I’ve worked with incredibly talented experts in their field, and the only way to “manage” them on a project is to give them autonomy to be geniuses, then provide the resources and focus/direction needed to accomplish the goals, and make all the pieces come together. With someone bright and motivated but inexperienced, I need a better approach. It’s tough, because he’s juggling several different responsibilities and the scope of my authority doesn’t extend to everything he’s doing. In any case, it has been fun to grow this skill, although I feel al little bad for him having to deal with my learning! (The more technical parts of the project have been fun too!)

My main project is in a stressful stage, both because of the underlying uncertainty I mentioned above, and because some parts of it that are out of my control are getting off track. It is still a fun and unique project… but we are well beyond ideas and analysis and into execution and results. It is only going to get harder from here, but we’re all up for the challenges.




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