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April Wrap-up

May 9, 2018

Net Worth / Money:

Our net worth went up by 0.7% this month!  Most of the increase was in our retirement accounts, per usual.

We’re still holding quite a bit of cash, and plan to send in that mortgage pre-payment check of $8K soon. We’ve sent in $86k in extra payments since we started the mortgage nearly 4 years ago. I expect our pace to slow considerably since we’ve started to prioritize other things, but seeing that we’ve been able to make that kind of headway makes me really happy.


I am caught up with tracking my spending again – whew!

It was our wedding anniversary in April.  We typically don’t make a big thing of it, and we didn’t this year either… except we upgraded to a king sized bed!  We’ve needed a new mattress for awhile, so this potential upgrade has been under discussion for ~2 years.  The timeline became more urgent when we broke the IKEA bed frame we’d been using by trying to move the bed during a painting project.  (The old bed was propped up by buckets for about a month while we debated our next move.) We bought an upholstered bed frame for ~$1,100 and a Lessa mattress for another $900.  We also had to get new sheets, duvet, and duvet cover for the new size.  It was a big expenditure, but I am LOVING the space in the new bed.  It feels so huge!

T also bought some clothes and shoes.  It is an infrequent occurrence for him, and totaled ~$500.  We also had some house project spending, discussed below.

As far as “regular” costs go, groceries were suspiciously low at about $420.  I can’t figure out why, but one reason is probably that March had very high grocery costs and we probably had a surplus of food at the end of that month.  Maybe I missed a transaction?  I’ll have to look into this.  We also both traveled a bit for work, which deflates our food spending since meals are covered when traveling.

House Projects:

We put an Elfa closet system in our master bedroom! Our closet layout was quite inefficient before – sliding doors that left a good 2-3 feet of closet almost inaccessible,  Now we have double rods in the “main” section, and the formerly useless area is where our pants and dresses hang, with extra shelves on top.  This blog has a similar closet and I mostly copied their solution. It was about $300 for all of the parts, with T doing the demo, painting and installation. I’m so thrilled with how this turned out! We’re itching to do something with the office closet next.

Our deck is above the garage, so it is a “roof deck” which uses something called GacoDeck.  The “paint” for a fresh coat came to about $250, and is supposed to be done every 5-7 years.  We bought the new coating for our deck, but haven’t applied it yet.  We power washed the deck in preparation, and it should be done soon so we can put our patio furniture back out and enjoy the summer.

Next up is mostly outdoor landscaping things, which will be hard to get down with our travel schedules this summer.


April was a solid month for work.  I visited my team members in Colorado and had a productive and interesting week there.  I’m re-enthused of the next phase of the project, and looking forward to a busy busy summer.  Not to much to say here, but the post-summer situation is still basically the same.  My job should be roughly secure, but the overall work level at the office is a bit scary.

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  1. May 22, 2018 2:45 pm

    Oooh I love that closet! I wish we had some links like this when we were in the middle of the reno, we had no idea what to do with our closets.

    Yay for the king mattress! Going from a double to queen felt like luxury but I sort of wish we’d just gone with the king in the first place.


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