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September spending – home and baby stuff

September 27, 2018

We bought a lot of big things this month, so I’m separating this out into its own post to shorten my monthly wrap up where I usually note large purchases

Laundry upgrade:

The most questionable big purchase is a new washer and dryer.  It is questionable, because our old laundry center unit (similar idea as this) that came with the house was/is perfectly functional (and will be resold on Craigslist). We have a small laundry closet instead of a laundry room, so we got stackable front loading LG models. My complaints with our old set up was the small load size and the fact that the dryer had just two settings (and “low” was quite hot). I do most of the laundry in the house, and we have a fair amount even without baby. Aside from our clothes/bedding,  the dog’s stuff gets washed weekly in attempts to minimize the doggy smells (beds, blankets that cover places he is allowed to lay). The setup was ~$2200 including delivery, taxes, and install fee.  We got the washer from Costco, but they didn’t carry the gas dryer, so we bought that from Best Buy (they could deliver on the same timeline).  The old laundry center is probably worth about $200-$300 used.

Since my husband is who he is, the purchase of a new washer/dryer meant he “had to” fix the drywall in the laundry closet and paint the closet with some leftover paint. I couldn’t care less about the status of the drywall in our laundry closet, but bad dry wall seriously bothers him – even if it is in a closet. This was low cost, but took up a weekend.  It is done, it looks great if you peak around the edges of the machine to look at it…

Roomba! I’ve wanted a Roomba forever… but they are expensive and I wasn’t sure if I’d love it. I wanted to buy it from Costco due to their favorable return policy. I wanted a higher series model for various reasons, and had been stalking the Roomba 960C since last fall when I skipped a $500 sale. It hadn’t been less than $600 until this August, when it dropped to $530. That’s a good price, but I thought I could do better on Black Friday. Then in September, I saw they were carrying the 985 (Costco version of 980) for $500.  I compared the specs and, keeping in mind the generous return policy, I pulled the trigger.


I love it!  I have dust allergies, and we have a dog, so having the floors cleaned daily makes a huge difference. I used to vacuum fairly often, but couldn’t keep up with the daily schedule a robot can. We still need to vacuum with the real vacuum to take care of things completely, but mostly just places the few roomba can’t get. The dog initially was wary and gave it a few barks, but adapted and now mostly just avoids it.

Baby / Nursery Stuff:

We got a lot of the bigger items used over the past several months, but time is running out and there were some specific items I haven’t found used.  I have limited time/energy to drive around buying second-hand smaller items to save $10 or $20 per item, so I’ve limited my geographical search area for small items and have been just ordering most of them with completion discounts at Target/Amazon.

Used baby items bought in September:

  • Used dresser (many years old version of this model in a light wood color) for $175, which doubles as our changing table.  I stalked the used item sites for MONTHS trying to find someone selling a solid wood dresser to my tastes for less than $200. It’s harder than you would think!  A new IKEA Hemnes was my backup plan, but I was so happy to find this used one and give a new home.
  • Perfect condition snug-a-puppy fisher price swing for $30.  I debated this because I’m avoiding buying things I’m not sure we will need – especially space-hog items like swings! On flip side, we have the time now to bargain shop, and a swing is not something I want to buy at retail.  Since this was in our neighborhood, I decided to just get it and assume my baby will indeed like a swing. (I skipped the Mamaroo I was lusting after, which seem to go for at least $100 used.)
  • A few specific clothing items. Baby might spend many of the early days in sleepers  – but who knows? And who knows what size baby will be at birth?  It’s kind of a mystery to figure out what we need. We received many used and new clothes as gifts. After doing an inventory, I still thought I needed a few specific items. There is a fantastic used market for baby clothes since everyone seems to have too many. I prefer online shopping and picking out specific items. has  great prices and promotions, so I shopped there them. ThredUp seems to run a bit more expensive but is the same idea.
    • A couple couple of side snap long sleeve tops/onesies for the earliest dayso I don’t have to put stuff over baby’s head while I am still getting comfortable with handling a tiny baby.
    • A couple pairs of footed pants to go with the zillion onesies  I have (footed so I can avoid socks, which seem troublesome).

New baby items bought in September:

  • Car seat for $170.  I badly wanted to splurge on the $300 Nuna Pipa with the beautiful styling and “dream drape” canopy and not a single negative review on the entire internet!  But I talked myself out of that idea and went with a sale Maxi Cosio Mico Max 30, which is very lightweight, has many safety features, but has a less dreamy canopy.
  • Pack-n-play Jetsetter for about $100 after tax (w/coupon).  There are tons of used play yards  available, but I wanted this specific one. It will be a travel crib, but we’ll first use the bassinet portion as the safe place (that is taller than dog height) to set down the baby in the living room. We have a used Halo bassinet for our bedroom, but it is too heavy to be portable. I bought from a brick and mortar store in case I want to return this.
  • Nursery glider for $300, although my mom bought this for us. It pained me to spend money and environmental resources on something I’m confident has a short shelf life in our home, but I could not find a reasonable used deal on a rocker. The ones under ~$200 were in terrible condition and/or not in styles that I liked at all. The cost/benefit of buying used just wasn’t there.
  • Many smaller miscellaneous items: Curtains, changing pad & cover, baby medicines, a few toys/books/etc. for young babies, infant bath tub, organizer bins and such, bassinet mattress protector & sheet, LEKA baby gym and separate mat, side table for near glider, crib mattress protector & sheet, breastfeeding supplies, bottle drying rack, a few prints and frames for decoration.

We aren’t quite done buying everything for baby, but I think we are 90% of the way there on the essentials. Then baby will come, and we’ll figure out if we missed anything everything we missed!

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  1. September 27, 2018 1:57 pm

    For what it’s worth, we bought our glider when I was pregnant and only just now got rid of it– 9 years later! My daughter loved to sit in it to read or to snuggle her stuffed animals, etc. So you may get more use from it than you expect.

    • September 27, 2018 4:36 pm

      Good to know! 🙂 I just know it won’t be moving into other rooms.

  2. October 2, 2018 6:07 pm

    We always planned for our glider to go in the living room because our nursery room was also the guest room and there were times I regretted that but MOSTLY not and I love that we have it in the living room now. It was beyond price when JB was a cranky infant and we still love it now for a reading (solo OR together) chair. With any luck, it’ll be the same for you!

    We never had socks on JB, ze would just take them off the few times we ever had them on 🙂 Footed things are the best!

    • October 3, 2018 7:33 am

      We have a super impractical chair in our living room (LC4 lounge chair, bought second hand), and no room for another chair. Maybe T will change his decorating tastes once the kid comes…

  3. October 3, 2018 12:26 pm

    I’m really excited for your new laundry machines! I think ours are about 20 years old, so they are probably due for replacement. They are mostly functional, but the dryer is definitely getting slower at drying as time goes on, which is really annoying with towels…

    Did you have a gas dryer before or is that a new one? What made you pick the gas one over an electric one?

    • October 4, 2018 6:37 am

      I do like them a lot, now that I’ve used them for a few weeks.

      We already had gas – the last laundry center had a gas dryer. I think energy costs are cheaper for gas and maybe faster drying? I didn’t really research it since we had gas and T said he wanted to keep gas. Maybe that contributed to our last dryer running so hot, even on “low”.


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