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Parenthood: 7 Months

May 27, 2019

I feel like my baby has changed and developed a lot in the last month! She needs some blog initials or a blog name, so I don’t have to keep calling her “baby”.  Maybe for next month.

Routines & Sleep

She’s down to a solid 3 naps a day, which have FINALLY lengthened (from consistently 40 minutes) to 1.5-2 hours on the regular.  She’s still going to bed in her crib around 7/7:30, and usually sleeping through until 4 or 5 am, then again until about 7 am.  Sometimes that is disrupted by teething or illness or no reason at all. The crib seems to be working well for her, and she’s having fewer super early mornings.  We’re trying to widen her wake times between naps so she can eventually get down to 2 naps, but we aren’t there yet.  She’s still having nap issues at nanny share, waking up mid-nap. This is weird, because she doesn’t do that at home. The room may be too bright, so we’re working on a solution for that.


Nothing new to report here – it is still going great! We’re still leaning towards daycare starting in August for a variety of reasons, but I feel so fortunate that we’ve been able to give her this time sharing a caretaker with just one other (older) child.  I’m not looking forward to that transition, but it is likely the best decision in the long run.


We’ve been progressing with the real foods (well, purees), but she still seems to be a bit weirded out by anything with too much texture.  She’s a fan of fruits over vegetables, but we’ll keep feeding each veggie until she accepts them. We’ve introduced most allergens, and I’m starting to think about how to introduce regular food. We’ve also had limited success with introducing water from a regular cup or a straw cup, but it is fun to try.

Breastfeeding and pumping is going okay. I am feeling pretty over the pumping, but haven’t come up with a good reason to quit yet.  If/when work gets more crazy, I’ll probably need to phase out pumping and supplement with formula. I plan to nurse as long as it continues to work out, but I’m not sure how my supply will respond as I phase out pumping during the work day.

Personality / Milestones

So many this month!  She has two teeth!  She can sit unsupported!  She is rolling a lot and trying to crawl, but definitely hasn’t figured it out yet.  She can get around a little bit by scooting and rotating, but she hasn’t figured out how to use that ability to get where she wants.  She does tend to scoot around her crib and squish herself up against the “head” of the crib.  It’s so silly.

She’s generally a pretty happy and easy baby.  When teething, sick, or tired she cries more easily, and I can’t blame her.  It’s her main way of communicating!  She is getting fairly easy to bring places, and we’ve had some success with stroller naps on-the-go once she gets tired enough.


I’ve started buying and making food for the baby.  I realize they can just eat mushed up versions of what we eat (or even not mushed if prepared appropriately), but I find baby food to be convenient for now, and it is a quite temporary phase. I talked myself out of buying a food mill because the cheap ones have poor reviews and the nice stainless steel ones are more than I should spend for an item I have made it this far in life without.

We bought a play mat for her to practice her crawling (~$70), and already had baby gates ($70) set up to separate her from the dog.

We sold the baby swing for $45. I think I paid $35 for it. We also sold the bassinet for about what I paid, $125 (but I threw in some extra bedding that I had bought new). We may have a second kid in the future, but these items are too large to store.  We can rebuy second-hand if needed.

I occasionally shop for baby clothes on because it is cheaper, and there are so many used baby clothes in the world and I don’t want to add to it.  Still, I got a few specific things (socks, coat, sweater, warm hat) new on sale because I couldn’t  find what I wanted used online.  (Note from my shopping list that it still has been COLD here despite it being almost June.)  We still have hand-me-down clothes and gifts in her current size, but we seemed to have few bottoms and long sleeve items.


This is still going pretty well.  In terms of time spent on hands-on parenting tasks, I feel like we are relatively even in responsibility –  aside from the nursing/pumping.  (Which is a big “aside”, but  currently does most dog stuff to try to make up for that.)

In terms of mental energy and decision making, I am definitely the one doing most of the planning ahead / emotional labor / invisible work. This is an extension of our regular life. It isn’t a problem, per se, but it is something we are both need keep in mind, and make sure it does not become a problem.

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  1. May 27, 2019 9:28 pm

    What a fun month! Toothless babies are my favorite but babies with just a couple teeth are my next favorite. It’s so imbalanced and cute!

    I admire how quickly you’ve moved along the baby stuff, I did not have the brain space to deal with that stuff so efficiently.

    • May 28, 2019 9:07 am

      It has been fun! 🙂

      Space is really the main reason we got it out so quickly. It was either move to garage where it will get dusty or get it sold/donated. Plus, we have childcare already, where you guys were working full time and keeping a tiny human alive!

  2. May 28, 2019 2:22 pm

    Mine ate everything we did for the first part of his life and we just found out he is allergic to eggplant. Not serious but pretty much a reaction that lasted 3 days with constant Benadryl dosing.

    Yours sounds healthy and thriving!

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