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June Wrap up

July 9, 2019

Net Worth and Money News

Our net worth is climbing again, and we reached another all time high this month.  Hooray!  We’re still too far from financial independence to have a real metric on how close we are, assuming we plan to stay in our current location.

T is getting summer salary this summer, but it hasn’t hit our bank accounts yet since he submitted his paperwork late. Summer salary is a significant inflow of cash.  I set big chunks aside for known bills (property taxes), fill up the buffer account, and generally use it to cashflow home projects.

Spending Bullets (excluding childcare, mortgage, property taxes and car/home/etc. insurance – because I want to). Since I’m tracking my spending again, I figured I’d share a little too!  I haven’t shared any details on our spending in a long time.

  • Monthly spend (excluding some major categories as noted above):  $2389.  We spent WAY more on restaurants this month, mostly due to a work trip where T and LO tagged along  We ate out for each dinner, and only my portion of the meals were expense-able.  (We don’t get per diem, but instead are reimbursed for what we spend up to a maximum.)  We also spent a bit on travel expenses for the same trip, as we naturally have to cover the personal days.
  • Highest single transaction that hasn’t been featured in a previous 2019 month:  $193.30 for one night in a hotel.  This is more than I’d usually pay, but I tacked on an extra day to the work trip and paid the “going rate” for my booking. Since T and LO tagged along, I chose an extended stay with a separate bedroom area and living area, plus a fridge to deal with baby food and milk.  If we didn’t do that, we parents would have to hide in the dark hotel room (with the baby in the pack-n-play) during nap time and bedtime.
  • Smallest single transaction:  $2.01 at the grocery store while we were traveling.  I think this was possibly for baby food (prunes).
  • Most annoying expense:  $25 for a replacement work ID card.  They used to be free….
  • Expense that brought the most joy or utility: $25 for an entrance fee into the national park on our work trip.
  • Donations (for accountability):  $100 for RAICES and $10 for a animal shelter charity for a friends birthday “fundraiser” on Facebook.  (I checked and there were no extra fees for donating via FB.)

House Projects

T did tons of work in the yard, as usual.  He also painted the trim on the nursery window (many more windows to go).  I think we are planning to paint the whole house (DIY) this summer…  That will be a big project, but it needs to happen.

He also scrubbed the outside of all of the gutters, because they were dirty. This…. was not something I considered a high (or even medium) priority project. I have a hard time channeling his project energy into my specific priorities sometimes….  He also cleaned out the garage a bit, and we finally brought our patio furniture up from the garage for the season.  Yay!

We rearranged furniture and discovered we had some water damage on our hardwood floor (almost surely my fault). T repaired it with a $160 trip to Home Depot for the correct tool and a few other supplies. This was very annoying, but at least it turned out to be relatively inexpensive.

I didn’t contribute much to these projects, but I kept the inside of the house together (with his help) and kept the baby alive (with his help).


Finally!  Good news!

I’ve been waiting forever for new projects to start, and a few just kicked off.  Hooray!  I have a role on one of them already secured.  The team is super great and the project will be an interesting challenge.  I’ll finally get to do a role very similar to the role I was initially hired for, with the two people that hired me. A few other great women are in leadership roles, and the team overall is great.  My role is also almost purely technical (albeit a lot of coordination type technical work).  This is a nice change of pace from recent projects, where I did project management combined with technical. I’m still signed up to be backup for the (very experienced) project manager as a training role, but it sounds like he’s able to do the heavy lifting.  We also have great person doing financial/schedule support work. This was lacking on the projects where I served as the project manager, and it makes a huge difference.  Project travel shouldn’t be too extensive, and likely mostly within California. There are some cons… The project is only guaranteed for 1 year, and we already have some technical challenges to work through.  Still, I should learn a lot and will get to work with some great mentors.

There is a second project with another role I’m interested in… but I haven’t talked to the project manager yet (nor has he sought me out). I’ll find out more soon. I can’t take on two new projects without quitting my long-term project. In fact, I may not be able to take on both projects even if I do quit my long-term project. My long-term project is slated to end in about 1.5 years, but I could bow out early with coordination. This is my Colorado based project. My travel there has significantly reduced, but it still is hard to not work with a local team. Still, the whole team there have been really great and accommodating for the past several years. Once I know a bit more, I’ll chat with my boss there to see what their preference is. They may be itching to pull my role in-house anyway, or they may want as much of my time as I can give – I really don’t have a good sense for that.

In any case, things are looking good.

Other life stuff

I missed the 8 month baby update, and at this point, I’ll just combine it with 9. But she is pretty much the cutest and sweetest, and still only very slowly mobile (army crawling).

I had my first post-baby business trip, which I mentioned above. We decided that T and LO would tag along, for a variety of reasons. The LO did pretty well, although she was squirmy on the flight.  T did great at being a Stay-At-Hotel-Dad for the week, and we took a day to drive to a national park. Having her along simplified the milk situation and also made it so I didn’t miss her too much.  This was her third round-trip plane ride.  While we were there, she went with T to the grocery store, which was her first grocery store visit.  Haha. We plan to travel to the midwest around Christmas (just booked tickets with miles) –  but I don’t have any other flights planned with her yet.  

I’m noting this here so I see it next month and can report progress… Our #1 goal for the next couple of weeks is to make headway on our trust/will/estate planning. Honestly, I’m probably going to copy a lot of what Revanche at A Gai Shan Life did, because she is smart, througal, and put in a bunch of effort to figure this out for her family.

We’ll also keep going with emergency preparedness and other tasks I noted here.  And maybe a blog post that isn’t just monthly updates…

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  1. July 12, 2019 5:03 pm

    I started laughing when I read about T cleaning the outsides of the gutters. Chad and I have this problem as well – he will insist on doing house repairs that literally no one but him ever noticed.

    I wish we’d traveled more when Caleb was a baby- he handled a trip at 18months like a champ. I’m WAY too scared to travel with 2 kids, though, so family travel is on hold at least until they can both handle a backpack (OR until we get a second iPad!).

  2. July 14, 2019 3:09 pm

    I am flattered and hope that my estate planning will be helpful for you!

    LOL at the gutter cleaning. Really sounds like something PiC might take it into his head to do. 😀

    Honestly sometimes I have that issue too and I just have to do the silly thing first before I can focus.

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