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A few links with a feminist theme

August 29, 2019

What would you do with a shorter work week? This article starts with a claim that data shows that, as a society, people play more video games and drink more. I wonder how robust that data set is?  The two linked articles talk specifically about unemployment rather than a scenario where hours are simply reduced.   The article goes on to talk about a shorter work week  freeing up time for the copious amounts of unpaid care taking work that people (primarily women) are already doing, in addition to true leisure time.  It also talks about people needing to separate their identity from work, something often discussed in the FIRE community.

Women Are Not Better at Multitasking. They Just Do More Work, Studies Show  The title is pretty self explanatory, and I agree with this.

This is an interesting article (warning: NYT paywall!) discussing why the US is resistant to the idea of subsidized childcare (hint:  shouldn’t the moms just take care of the babies?). Though both parents work in two-thirds of American families, most Americans still say it’s not ideal for children to have two working parents.  Even as someone with a young child, the feeling that it is not the government’s responsibility to help care for my child is deeply ingrained.  The current set up results in incredibly unequal starts for our youngest citizens. We are extremely fortunate that we can pay for high quality child care while still saving money for other goals. This came at a cost (and risk) of waiting until our careers and finances were quite established before feeling confident enough to start a family. I also firmly believe my LO is more enriched by going to daycare than she would be if my husband or I were 100% responsible for her development.

Nike and other brands “pause” sponsored athletes’ contracts when they are pregnant until they return to competition…. meaning they stop paying them.  In some cases, they even continue to “promote” the athlete, asking Kara Goucher to do upwards of 20 appearances during her pregnancy, before suddenly not paying her without discussion.  All while producing awesome marketing videos supporting women! Par for the course as far as maternity leave goes in the US…  People regularly comment on how long they “get off” for maternity leave, but it is less common for people to detail how much of that time they are paid for. And if they are paid, is it true maternity leave pay or are they just using vacation / sick time to cover? California is ahead of the game, but many (like myself) are not covered by this program.

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