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Parenthood: 10 months

September 2, 2019

I’m switching up the order this month, as sleep has ceased to become the Most Important Baby Fact.  🙂

Personality / Milestones

She is SO mobile right now with her crawling!  She started pulling up a lot too.  She’s also very giggly and fun to play with.  So adorable.  Such a fun age.


Daycare has started and I am LOVING it.  The environment is so good for her, and her teachers are amaaaaazing.  She also mostly loves it, is very social with the other babies.  She registers her protest by crying briefly when we hand her to the teacher, but stops crying within a few seconds.  The teachers say she is doing great, and told us “she is an amazing person.”  My heart about exploded.  She did get sick after the first week, but it was really just one day of bad sickness followed by a few days of mild runny nose. She’s also not sleeping well.  :/

T’s teaching hasn’t started yet, so his schedule remained pretty flexible. We’re generally sharing drop off and pick up, and T’s still walking the dog during the day after working from home a half day. This will have to shift as the school year starts.


Real people food is progressing.  She does great with thick purees, and is OK with certain finger foods.  We’re trying to do more and more self-fed table food, but also still purees to fill her up more quickly.   She eats 3 “meals” of solids, plus a snack and bottles.  She loves fruit, but also has been pretty good about eating a little bit of everything I feed her.  Daycare provides a variety of nutritious food, which simplifies life – no packing lunch for her!

Pumping is going okay and I haven’t ramped down yet… but it is coming.  Nursing is going fine as well, although I’ve started adding formula on the weekends.  LO is still nursing three times a day (at wake up, before bed, and once overnight), with 3 bottles during the work day.

Routines & Sleep

She’s still doing a good (~90 minute) morning and afternoon nap when she’s at home, but her naps at daycare are quite short.  The environment is too stimulating, so once a sleep cycle ends, she gets up to play.  Thus, she ends up silly-tired by bedtime, even if we move it earlier.  Often, she wants to wake up quite early in the morning no matter what bedtime.  It seems apparent she isn’t getting enough sleep during the week, but I don’t know how to fix that.  We can’t put her to bed even earlier – she’ll only sleep so many hours in a night anyway.

I’ve reverted to nursing to sleep for naps, which probably isn’t helping daycare naps out.  But I can’t bear to hear her cry, and we haven’t been able to hit those magic “wake times” that allow her to go down for her nap happily (probably because she is overtired).  She HATES being rocked to sleep or any other method.  The only things that have worked (aside from newborn days) are nursing or letting her fuss or (sometimes) the stroller.  (I’m OK with fussing, but true crying is too hard.)  We may want to sleep train at some point – but I’m not ready yet. It is a developmentally poor time for it, with separation anxiety and starting daycare.  I’m hopeful this will resolve itself over time, like many baby problems seem to.

She still wakes up once in the night to eat, which is generally OK but is getting old.  Occasionally, she sleeps through.  Sometimes she wakes up more, which is harder to handle.  Again, I might try to night wean after age one.  I’m trying to keep my milk supply going at least until then, and night nursing helps.


Daycare is slightly cheaper than the nanny share – hooray!

We sold the nanny share double stroller for $200!  I think we paid $225?

I am thinking of buying a Nugget very soon.  The glider in her nursery needs to move out to make the room more baby safe, but I need somewhere for us to read together and nurse. It’s expensive for what it is, though…

I got a free push walker from my buy nothing group, but LO is not quite ready for it.  I also got a free shape sorter, but she just bangs the shapes together.


Things were pretty transient this month, so I don’t have a good sense for it.  I think it was mostly equal this month.

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  1. September 3, 2019 7:18 am

    I hear the children will be sick until they’re 7. Mine was sick EVERY WEEK in daycare. Omg.. but it builds their and your immune system at least..

    • September 4, 2019 10:34 am

      I hear the first year is the worst… So far we are a month in and one illness – but I expect winter to be tougher.

  2. September 5, 2019 9:49 am

    For us, agreed with the first year is the worst – that was the case for us.

    JB has barely been ill for more than two days total since that first year. (If that much, probably not!) Even in the first year it was really just zir catching the sniffles and taking me down hard with them. Ze has only been really ill twice and it passed quickly after a day so of course YMMV but I wouldn’t worry overly at this point about this going for many years, it may not.

    We used to enjoy a period of really nice long two hour naps for several months but it certainly didn’t last forever and daycare naps have always been touch and go.

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