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Parenthood: 11 months

September 24, 2019

Personality / Milestones

LO is speed crawling, pulling up, and doing a little bit of unassisted standing. She has learned to clap on verbal command, and wave hello and goodbye.  She loves playing peek-a-boo.  She loves banging together blocks and chasing balls, and grabbing any household items that are not toys.  Cords are especially appealing.  Books are pretty good, if we can get her to sit still.  She has finally stopped putting them in her mouth immediately, although still not completely.

We keep most of the toys in the nursery and play with her in there a lot , but she’s become less content hanging out there. She loves heading for the door and exploring the rest of the house whenever we give her the opportunity, despite the lack of toys.  She (finally!) likes baths, but is pretty wild in the tub and doesn’t understand you aren’t supposed to try to crawl all around and check out all the interesting metal things at at the end.

Separation anxiety is there a little bit, but not too bad. Sometimes she’ll be happily playing, but if I walk by and don’t interact, it sets off crying.  Other times, not so much.


Daycare is going really well. They have all the cool development toys / activities there, and she really likes playing with the other babies.  In the first month, we got many comments in this vein: “She’s very active. Is she so active at home?” and “She plays a LOT!” and “She had fun speed crawling around the play yard today” and “These two are the zany ones!”  She had about 4 or 5 weeks where she got an “ouch report” every week, but has seemed to learn how to balance better and fall more gracefully.

She got another runny nose and a cough this month, but the cold wasn’t severe enough to keep her home. She kindly shared this cold with her parents.

We’re still sharing drop off and pick up with T generally working from home for half a day when possible to walk the dog / keep him company.


We’ve made lots of progress on table food and have a variety of things she can easily self feed.  We don’t always give her exactly what we eat, but we are moving in that direction.   Her current favorite food is cheese.  I approve of this. I’m not quite sure how we get from food + bottles to mostly food + some cow’s milk… but I suppose we’ll figure it out.

I’m still super looking forward to stopping pumping, but it has gotten to be less of a big deal since we started adding formula. It seems LO has dropped her middle of the night meal (I hope this sticks!), and is now nursing at wake up, before bed and has 2-3 bottles during the work day.

Routines & Sleep

She is taking her two naps, which are still short at daycare (30-50 minutes) but good at home (1.5+ hours).  Weeknight bedtime has to be by 7, or we have a melt down.  On weekends, we shoot for 7:30 or so, depending on the nap schedule.  She wakes up around 6 or 7, depending on a variety of factors. (By “variety of factors” I mean that I have no idea why she sometimes wakes up early and other time sleeps until 7 am).

She’s just now started regularly sleeping through the night, although it isn’t 100% of the time.  I hope it isn’t just because she has a cold and that this is officially a new stage.


We sold the pram bassinet attachment for our stroller for $100. That was the only things I ended up buying brand new (with coupon) at significant cost, yet hardly used at all. Whenever we tried it, LO woke up and started screaming instead of sleeping blissfully like I’d envisioned.  We just didn’t use the stroller all that much in the early days, preferring to keep her home when possible and in the baby carrier when she was sleeping.  (She only started tolerating the baby carrier when awake around 4 months of age.)

We bought a Nugget, a few small toys, and some clothes for the next size from Target (new) and (used).  My supply of free baby clothes seems to have dried up for the moment.  I bought a used second hand warm sleep sack for the coming winter months for $10, which we’ll use in addition to her wool sleep sack that should last all winter. Last winter we kept the thermostat higher than usual. We still may need to do fleece pajamas, but we’ll see.


Regularly sleeping through the night seems to be a game changer for me feeling like a person. So, that is a plus!  Nothing much new to say here.

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  1. September 24, 2019 12:24 pm

    Yay for loving daycare and less yay for passing along the cold but it sounds like her immune system is already adapting quite well.

    What size is LO in these days? I bet I can pick up a stash of hand me downs for you around Christmas! Let me know what types of clothing are preferred.

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