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September Wrap-up

October 15, 2019

Net Worth and Money News

T’s summer salary was still not fully resolved in September, despite being told that it would be. He is still missing about $8k, which they have promised will arrive soon.  Irritating, but not a catastrophe.

Our net worth creeped up another percent or so.

Monthly savings rates aren’t sensible for how our expenses and income fall out, but we appear to be on track for about a 50% savings rate this year, better if I include regular mortgage principle.  I made it confusing by setting us up for a large-ish tax refund again. This wasn’t on purpose. T’s summer salary makes it harder to predict withholdings.  This savings rate is pretty much what I anticipated it would be with a kid in daycare, which is a very satisfying result.  I can predict the future!

Spending Bullets (excluding childcare, mortgage, property taxes and car/home insurance – because I want to):

Monthly spend (excluding some major categories as noted above): $3,007
Highest single transaction that hasn’t been featured in a previous 2019 month: $121.80, which was our power/gas bill for the month. This is a bit high for a summer month, but I didn’t find an obvious culprit. We are temporarily running an extra freezer, so maybe that has something to do with it?
Smallest single transaction: $0.69 at Target. I had to exchange some gifted baby clothes for proper sizes.  I also grabbed a few groceries, and came out the door for less than a dollar.  Score!
Most annoying expense: Nothing this month.  Or maybe it was my non-expense. I completely failed to send gifts for the two September birthday’s on time, my dad and my nephew. This is a recurring thing, I’m always late on these, and I really just can’t convince myself to prioritize it.
Expense that brought the most joy or utility: $250.18 for a Nugget for LO.  Yeah, I know, this is ridiculous.  Still, it seemed like it will have a longer useful life compared to the small kids chair I was considering, and it fits well in her room.
Donations (for accountability): $200 total to Donors Choose and ALS (supporting a coworker’s fundraiser).

Our monthly grocery spend was kind of absurd again, and I’m not sure why, and if I should do anything about it….

House Projects

T added some flashing to the deck that should have been there all along, preventing future rot/damage.  He also scraped and repainted the trim on the exterior windows.  There also was some basic maintenance yard work.


My new project is started to kick into gear, and I am BUSY.  The project is fun, although I’m struggling to be smart enough to do my job. Some of the technical details are a in a slightly new area for me, and I feel out of my depth.  But, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up to speed – I just have to keep at it.

My “merit” raise is 4%, beating inflation at least.  I need to figure out, with my manager, when the best time to submit my paperwork for a promotional raise.

We’re still waiting on the result of T’s tenure case, which is due any day now – but could still be months. We’re optimistic about the outcome, but we don’t know until we know.

Other life stuff

We finally set the lawyer appointment, and are hoping to make enough progress on our estate planning / will / trust that we can forgo the legal insurance plan next year.

Not much else to share here!  More to come next month!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 17, 2019 7:17 pm

    A nudge from a friend to obfuscate LO’s name

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