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Parenthood: One year and beyond!

January 19, 2020

Here are some updates about life with LO these last several months.

Personality / Milestones

On her first birthday, LO took her first wobbly step.  From there, she quickly gained skills as a walker / runner, and is always on the go.  She is still her usual zany and sweet self.

At 15 months, her vocabulary is limited, although she has a wide range of babbles and words are emerging. Her first word was probably Dada, but it is unclear at what point she was using in context, rather than babbling.  She also has been saying “this?” and “that!” for a long time, and also “dog”.  She babbles mamamama, but doesn’t use it to refer to me.  She now says “cheese” and a similarly sounding “shoes” and “trees” and “teeth” in context.  Also, “moo” for cows and “sssss” for snakes.  She’s working on identifying body parts and can point to many (foot, nose, eyes, ears, etc.).

Some mini tantrums have started, especially when we remove items from her possession, or other random toddler reasons.

She is really into peek-a-boo, getting pushed around on her little car (or pulled on a blanket or in a box or whatever – just zooming around), and climbing into boxes and other containers. She got a lacing toy for Christmas and is pretty obsessed with it.

This will sound a little silly for such a young kid, but we started a tumbling/gymnastics “class” with her.  It is very cute, and it was honestly more so we could have a parent/kid activity to do together since most of that stuff is during the work day.


Daycare is still amazing and great.  The ratio is low, the teachers are experienced and caring, and I have basically no complaints about it. LO gets so much out of it, and has so much fun.

When they sent out pricing updates for next year, they benchmarked themselves against some other local centers, and I was shocked to learn that you could indeed spend EVEN MORE (20%+ more!) than we are spending for full time infant care. The only other centers I had looked into were slightly less expensive than ours, but I guess there are some very fancy options!


She’s almost entirely self-feeding, and eating a lot of what we eat.  We help out with utensil use.  She’s a picky eater sometimes, other times she’s not.   We just keep feeding her things in hopes she’ll eat them.  We also rely on daycare to feed her a variety of foods, and fall back to some “toddler food” staples at home. I had an idea that our toddler would eat what we eat at a young age, but reality is a little different.  We try.

Routines & Sleep

Just after 11 months, she started routinely sleeping through the night (ceased waking around 4-5 am to nurse).  Hooray!  After her first birthday, we dropped down to two bottles (during the work day) to use up the remaining frozen breast milk, then switched to cows milk in cups.  I quit pumping within a week of her first birthday, and my supply quickly diminished.

After the new year, we moved to a one nap schedule at home and at daycare. She’d started refusing one of her naps each day at home, so the timing was good. It is going pretty well so far, but we’ve had occasional issues with early wake ups.


With nursing ending, this has felt relatively balanced to me.

T is a morning person and is almost always the one to get her from her crib.  Usually, he hands her off to me after a diaper change, so he can finish/start making coffee. Sometimes, the coffee is done and I help with breakfast or get showering. We kind of wing the morning routine, for better or worse. We trade daycare drop-off and pickup, depending on what makes sense for that day’s obligations. Sometimes T is able to work from home for half of the day, otherwise I come  back and walk the dog at lunch – just like I used to. Weekends we both spend a lot of time chasing her about and playing with her.  Each day isn’t always equal, but in the long run, we both do a lot of child care and both take care of a lot of other responsibilities.

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  1. January 20, 2020 1:38 pm

    It’s such an adventure these littles take us on.

  2. January 20, 2020 4:51 pm

    Sounds like a good life for all of you!

  3. January 25, 2020 8:34 am

    “Eat what we eat” was a nebulous concept for us at first as well. These days, I am continually amazed by how much my kids love foods I would never have touched (I was horrifyingly picky, no idea how my mom coped). As well as how much they hate foods that they should love (#2 won’t eat PIZZA!)

    Do you miss nursing? I hated giving it up, though I stopped pumping the day after #1 turned one!

    I knew someone who paid more than double what we did. That combination of high incomes and highly ambitious/competitive people drives costs up around (probably same near you!).

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