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February Wrap Up

March 24, 2020

This post was hanging out in my drafts since March 4th and I’m just now getting around to publishing. I don’t have time to analyze my spending, so I’m just going to publish without that data for the month, and won’t update my sentiments about COVID to be current with the times.

Net Worth and Money News

Like pretty much everyone else, my net worth fell this month. It was only about a 4% drop (at the time I did my spreadsheet). I also like to look at it in months. We are back to the same net worth we had about 2.5 months ago in early/midDecember, which doesn’t seem so terrible.

We did our taxes! Well, so far just our federal taxes.  I did them first in TurboTax (without paying) to get a sense for what my refund should be. I didn’t want to pay TurboTax for a number of reasons (not just the $140 they wanted), so I tried FreeTaxUSA. I couldn’t get FreeTaxUSA to accept a backdoor Roth IRA for both T and I, though the first one seemed to be handled properly. Since I couldn’t get that done correctly, I did not file with them, but I took the PDF the software generated, and used that to help me use Free Fillable Forms directly from the IRS. I basically copied the FreeTaxUSA output, then added two Form 8606 to capture the backdoor Roths. It was painful to enter everything three times, but I didn’t pay anything, I was able to e-file. We are getting a fat return in the first week of March! I have to remember to print everything out, because apparently the IRS will purge data in the system in October.

Spending Bullets (excluding childcare, mortgage, property taxes and car/home insurance):

  • This section isn’t done for this month. Maybe I’ll update retroactively someday.

House Projects

I was out of town a bit, leaving T with less time than usual to work on house stuff. The gutters got cleaned and some minor landscaping efforts began, but nothing big happened this month.


This month had my first overnight work trip away from LO – actually two of them! They were both extremely valuable from a work perspective for two totally different areas of my career – but it was tough being away. LO got sick during my second trip, so that was especially hard on T since we usually share the load when the kid is sick and take turns staying home.

In part due to the travel, I’m way behind where I want to be at work on my new project. We have a milestone this months, and a Big Deal milestone this summer, and a pile of work to get done before either of those things.

Other life stuff

LO continues to add words, and it is so much fun to watch her vocabulary develop. Some of her current frequent words: Moon, eye, trees, outside, ear, all done, more, car. She still loves the word “teeth” and is thrilled to start the teeth brushing process each night… yet it always devolves into tears after the toothpaste has been consumed, then again sometimes if we take her toothbrush. We have been able to get her to give it to us more often lately.

Coronavirus concerns in the US have started to boil over, and I’m appropriately concerned. Or maybe too concerned or maybe too unconcerned – it is really unclear what the appropriate level of concern is. It appears to be already out there in my community, hiding under the surface with many people having mild symptoms, and it is going to grow over the coming weeks. We won’t really know until more people are tested, and they aren’t testing people with mild symptoms and no travel history to impacted areas. Anyway, we have toilet paper, coffee, tylenol, and a bit of extra food to get us through, and doing our best to practice proper hygiene. (Have you ever tried to get a 1.5 year old to not touch their face?)

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