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April Wrap Up

May 10, 2020

Net Worth and Money News

Our net worth has recovered some, and we are just a hair below we were in December 2019. Most of this is market recovery, plus some normal savings


I updated our spending! March was not much lower than previous months, perhaps even a bit higher. April was lower overall, but some major categories were higher.

Groceries have been more expensive than usual since we’ve been using Instacart. Not only is there a service fee, a delivery fee, and a need for a generous tip, but the grocery prices themselves are inflated from in store prices (this is store dependent). Alcohol spending is up, partially because it is truly up (local craft beer crowlers and wine from our favorite local wine shop) and partially because I generally don’t track alcohol separately unless we buy it separately. Restaurant spending is roughly flat. We are eating out (take out) less frequently, but we are generally spending more per a take out order, and tipping more generously.

The big savings was in childcare for April – they chose not to bill and aren’t seeking donations. I get the impression that this is not the norm for childcare across the country and many people are paying without sending in order to keep their daycare afloat. We continue to spend a modest amount on at home toys, but I’ve been hedging on larger purchass. It appears that local ordinances allow for in-home child care (?), so we may see if we can hire a babysitter / nanny to help out. I can’t keep working at reduced efficiency indefinitely. T could, in theory, take the summer off and then not take summer salary for research. But it would be financially much much better to hire someone to play with LO. We do worry about safety, and introducing an interaction with someone who may not be as strict as we are. We also worry about what happens when daycare does reopen. That opens our circle significantly. I hope we can figure out how to do this, but the lack of long term clarity also makes it hard to figure out what approach to take.

House Projects

There hasn’t been time for projects. T is hoping when teaching is done he’ll have a little time, but I’m requesting we delay any unnecessary major tasks until we have childcare again. We did hang up our sun shade to make our deck more useable in the suddenly warm/hot weather. Also, T continued his minor landscape clean-up and scheduled a few people to give roof quotes now that construction is allowed again.


Work place policies have been generous, with added sick leave and an expectation that many caregivers might be working reduced hours. The only disconnect is that expectations haven’t relaxed a lot. No one cares if I’m a little late on an Internal arbitrary deadline, but in the end, the work has to be done. My leads/managers are nice people who are understanding of the situation, which is there is a toddler at home. At the same time, there are certain deadlines that cannot move, there are no available extra people to help, so… it is what it is.

I admit that I’m not the type of person who can routinely work long hours 7 days a week, at least not anymore. I can do it for shorter periods, but not sustained. I can’t sprint for the length of a marathon. I have no real solution here, but it is frustrating. We started out the shelter-in-place reserving weekends from work, but that quickly became untenable. I worked “all weekend” (during my non-childcare shifts) for a few weekends now, and I’m fighting burnout. Even with this, I’m falling behind on my projects. Not to mention household stuff.

Other life stuff

LO has started having 2x weekly brief Zoom sessions with her daycare teachers. It is nice for her to at least see her old friends and her teachers.

Other than that, not much else is going on. We are hanging in there, and feel lucky that we are in a relatively fortunate position financially. We’re also truly grateful to spend so much extra time with LO.

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  1. May 12, 2020 4:09 pm

    We’re looking at similar issues with childcare. If daycare opens up, that’s a lot more exposure. If it doesn’t, and our work gets even busier, who can we trust to be as careful as we need if we were to hire for in home help? I have no answers right now and just really hope that PiC’s work will stay very slow through the end of summer so he can stay the primary caretaker.

    We’ve made a little time for minor projects but they’re 2-3 hour projects. We can’t do any of the big stuff I really would like to have done, not alone and not in the few hours we have left, which is a shame. I’d really like to be able to use our yard. :/

    I’m not coping well at all with the many many hats we have to wear but I am grateful for what we do have: financial security, ok health, everyone home safe, no worrying about job loss for now.

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  2. Quadra permalink
    May 23, 2020 9:10 pm

    Highly recommend Amazon Pantry – not perfect, but there’s no delivery fee (we do tip quite well) and, most importantly, you know exactly what you’re getting when you order. No surprises, like with Instacart.

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