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Summer Wrap-up

September 13, 2022

I haven’t posted all summer. I’m not quite calling it quits on blogging, but… It is hard to make the time. Some of the lack of posting was due to positive reasons – the summer was pretty busy with camping trips and even an actual trip with an airplane and lake cabin and hotel and such. Work has been interesting (because our project is having problems), but busy and challenging (because our project is having problems). Also, I was hanging by a thread in the mental health department, making it hard to do much beyond my basic responsibilities. There isn’t a particular reason – basically just pandemic induced depression/anxiety hanging around for a long time, ebbing and flowing. I’m taking a few steps to address it, and am optimistic things are moving in the right direction, finally. But it ebbs and flows.

Money & Net worth

Again, I have not been tracking spending in detail, mostly due to lack of time, but also due to lack of need and interest. There have been a few big things, though!

On the extremely positive side, income is UP! Everyone got across-the-board raises of 4% to 5%, which takes some of the sting out of the inflation. On top of that, my promotion (two levels) finally went through, with retroactive pay back to the beginning of the year, over 15%. This is a huge relief. I’m so grateful my manager and leadership was able to make that happen. It was a gut punch when I realized how far I’d fallen behind, and the fact that it is remedied resolves so much unproductive angst.

On the negative side, net worth is down with the markets, just like most others.

Spending is more of a question mark. Some big expenses: we put a deposit down for new windows, we bought a patio umbrella and table, and upgraded our vacuum cleaner to a fancy german canister version. We’ve also spent a bit more than anticipated on various travel expenses, completed and upcoming.


As far as we know, we’ve remained COVID-free so far. LO is now fully vaccinated! We are getting our new boosters soon! Cases remain steadily high. We take many precautions, but also take many more risks than previously. We have both taken work trips by plane, and also traveled to see family by plane (masked). We often mask indoors, but have made exceptions for social reasons. It may seem inconsistent, but I’m not willing to get COVID from the store or from the airport, and I’m happy to dine outdoors only. Yet, I am willing to accept some risk it to be able to be unmasked in other situations.

LO had a COVID exposure in her class (first one since January), but she didn’t get COVID, and the class remained open for childcare with some rapid testing as a precaution. She has caught several colds, but we have not had a positive test.


Work has been busy and interesting and frustrating and overwhelming. Our major partner has had a lot of challenges, and they have many frustrating traits. I’ve lost trust to take some of what our main point-of-contact says at face value, and that alone is infuriating. In mid-summer it was tough maintain a solid momentum with frequent sick kid incidents (which sometimes take us down too), on top of trying to cram in a bunch of vacations, and coworkers all doing the same. Every time LO stays home sick, I get behind, then try to catch up – but I think things are coming together. At least the things that are in my control.

As far as things not in my control – there is some small possibility my main project could get canceled, though we are trying everything we can to avoid that. We rely a lot on our major partner to deliver their part, and they may have overpromised. I’m not overly worried about this yet. For one, I think we will pull through. If we don’t, there are other projects I could likely jump over to. If there’s not, then I still think I’ll be fine overall.

Family & Life

Summer was filled with lots of busy weekend for camping trips and some other vacations. It was a very cool summer and I swear I wore a sweater more often than not. We are getting our warm (and sometimes even stifling hot) fall now, in the typical Bay Area weather pattern.

LO is doing great in her new preschool class this fall. She has the same teachers and many of the same friends, which made for a very easy “transition”. The oldest kids in her previous class also have moved on to Kindergarten, so she is with a group that is a better age mix compared to her (there were kids a whole year older than her in her class previously). I am happy about that, since she seems more confident.

I guess that is all I’ll write for now – going to post this before another several months go by! Sometimes the longer it has been, the less I have to say…

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  1. September 14, 2022 4:16 pm

    Yay retroactive pay raise!

  2. October 12, 2022 8:14 pm

    Congrats on the much deserved promotion and YAY for retroactive pay raises!

    I’d hoped we’d manage another summer get together but I’m looking around and it’s OCTOBER. What happened??

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