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October Wrap Up

November 16, 2022

October was a good month for birthdays (every member of our household had one!), but a bad month for colds – LO was out sick from school quite a bit, which seems to be a common theme from parents this year.

Money & Net worth

With savings and market performance, our net worth is recovering a bit.

Spending was not low. I got myself a new iPhone, which is great because the battery lasts forever (I love battery life in new electronics!) and the camera is better. T got himself some fancy yard tool for his birthday.


I was super engaged as we prepared for and executed our major design review late this month. Everyone’s hard work paid off, and the review went well. Whew. I’m still feeling really excited about work generally. We are enter a more “defined” and high-pressure stage of the project, and thrive more in that type of environment. It is also a phase of projects I have less experience in, so I’m really really excited to work through this. Also, scared and a bit unsure of my role – but I know in the end it will really round out my career growth.

Two of my colleagues keep calling me by the name of the other young mid-career woman on the leadership team. Our names are a bit similar – think Bella and Brielle – but our roles are completely different. I have unique experience related to their area of expertise specifically relevant to this project, albeit more limited than their broad experience. This has been driving me crazy, because they should be using me as a resource. Instead they are calling me the wrong name and (seem to be) undervaluing my experience. I’ve started inserting myself where needed, and I’m optimistic the working relationship will develop.

Layoffs are hitting some of the tech sector, but my specific job is closely tied to very specific and long duration projects. Those do dry up at times, but the cycle is not always exactly in sync with the broader job market. We are hiring in a lot of roles, and I wonder if we’ll finally be able to snap up some talented people. There are things that could happen, but overall I don’t think issues are likely, and if they are, we can live on either income indefinitely.

Family & Life

LO is so amazing. Really fun and funny, and such a good kid. She’s thriving in preschool this year, which is a huge relief. T is also great, although we’ve both been slightly on the overwhelmed side lately, we’re hanging in there. We are mostly laying low until holiday travel for Christmas.

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