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Bathroom Remodel

This blog page will be converted into a blog post once the remodel (phase 1) is complete.  Between now and then, it will be intermittently updated as things progress

Project Plan – Phase 1

  • Remove old shower tile
  • Repair shower framing by replacing any studs with water damage
  • Complete any other carpentry (blocking, build shower niche, shower curb, plywood backing) 
  • Get quotes and select tiler
  • Get quotes and select plumber
  • Select new tile
  • Select new shower fixtures
  • Have plumber do plumbing & remove toilet
  • Remove old flooring
  • Repair subfloor, if needed
  • Have tiler do tiling (shower & foor) – in progress
  • Put toilet back in place
  • Select shower glass company / installer – on hold, using curtain for now
  • Have glass company install frameless glass door, or buy a door and DIY install – on hold, using curtain for now
  • Repair drywall – in progress.  The adjacent room (aka our bedroom) needs some work…
  • Paint entire bathroom
  • Hang new towel drying bar/hooks/whatever
  • Add trim to the floor

Project Plan – Phase 2

  • Purchase new sink
  • Purchase hardwood for sink cabinet / vanity
  • Build Vanity
  • Install vanity
  • Purchase new medicine cabinet / mirror
  • Install sink, toilet, and medicine cabinet
  • Update bathroom accessories if needed
  • Purchase and install new light fixture


Budget / Spending

Material / Supplies – $5,010+:

  • Tile (floor and shower):  $1,400
  • Shower plumbing & fixtures (rain shower head & hand shower): $1,277.41
    • We got this one (Graff Terra Full Pressure Balancing System With Handshower).  Neither of us really wanted to spend this much, but I insisted on a hand shower in addition to the rain shower head and T insisted on very high quality.  I wanted the kind that left the temperature set between showers, but that was another several hundred and we will survive without this feature..
    • We also got a new drain on Amazon ($50)
  • Frameless glass shower door & panel:  $2000 (estimate) for custom including install OR $600 for semi-frameless kit and DIY install.
  • Paint/Primer: ~$100 for primer for drywall repairs, mostly in the adjacent bedroom.

Cosmetic upgrades (phase 2) – $1200

  • Sink:  Duravit  2336630000, $270
  • Sink Faucet:  Graff Terra Lavatory, $259
  • Medicine cabinet:  $209, Robern R3 16×26
  • Toilet:  ~$373 w/tax and seat, Toto Aquia II
  • Vanity:  T (says he) is going to build the vanity.  The cost for wood and supplies is TBD, $200?

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