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May Wrap Up

June 18, 2018

I was delaying this post until I got the numbers from T’s retirement accounts, since he was traveling so much. At this point, I just will leave them as they were last month, and update next month.

Net Worth / Money:

Our net worth went up by about 2% this month, with most of that in contributions and growth in my retirement accounts.  I’ve also slowly been paying extra on our 0% car loan, because I like the idea of that obligation going away before maternity leave.

We’re holding what I consider to be a slightly excessive amount of cash right now, and it feels like the right thing to do.  Once baby is born and here and has all the stuff baby needs and we are through maternity leave, I will re-evaluate this.  Once we find out if T gets tenure, we may blow some of it on a few major house projects, like a new roof.  We’ll at least get another assessment of the estimated remaining life, which was pegged at ~5-10 years when we moved in 5 years ago.  It definitely is coming.

House Projects:

A lot got done in May!  The burst in home productivity just might correlate with the end of the semester for my husband, and before his traveling started.

We finally purchased curtains to go on the sliders in the living room to augment the UV film we put up when we first moved in.  This should further help keep the heat out on those rare hot days in the summer.  (I hate vertical blinds and all traditional slider door blind solutions, so we went with curtains.) We also purchased, but did not yet install, blackout blinds for a small window in the future nursery, which match the ones we put on the big window a long time ago.

We purchased and T installed a bathroom vanity in the bathroom we remodeled earlier this year. T wanted to build a custom one, but his list of projects he wants to do was just too long.  We saw the price we could get for a vanity at IKEA, we decided to satisfice and go with that.  I’m super happy with it!  It took some effort to cut his own holes in the drawers for our plumbing, since we did not want to use the IKEA plumbing that you are supposed to use with it.


We completed re-coating the deck, although we ended up needing to buy more coating to finish the job.  All of the patio furniture is back in place and ready for the summer!

Finally, my favorite project of all!  T cut out all of the overgrown front hedges and put them into a giant yard debris bin!  The bins are provided by the city (“free” via property taxes) to help homeowners remove excess brush to mitigate wildfire fuel.  At the moment, it looks terrible since it is just the remnants of hedges and nothing to replace them.  Still, I’ve hated those overgrown and un-trimable (dead insides) hedges for the last 4 years.  Replanting and building some rock walls to mitigate erosion will happen later this summer.

Still on the list for the year: painting the nursery (and guest room?), another closet system, glass shower door install, and as much DIY landscaping as we can manage.  I’m trying to limit the to-do list because I don’t think there is time to do everything we want to do.  We may get quotes for exterior painting too. I kind of want to put it off for a year so we can DIY.  I do not see us having time for a DIY painting project this summer.


The big one was a replacement iPhone 8 for T.  He’s had an iPhone 5 since 2012 (with one warranty-covered replacement due to battery), but the battery finally made the phone unusable. (My iPhone5 died sooner and I have an SE as a replacement).  I personally don’t think that iPhones are the best thing on the market for the price anymore, but they have managed to keep us sucked into their ecoystem. We also bought a new wireless router.

House and maintenance spending was also pretty high (~$1300) to complete the above projects (deck coating, curtains, blinds, and vanity).

I made my first second-hand baby item purchase! I’ve started the process of stalking Craigslist and Nextdoor for items on my wish list. Not only will this save $, but it will help reduce overall waste.  We’ll buy the carseat new, and my in-laws want to buy us our stroller.  I don’t see a need for a new stroller, but I won’t turn it down.  I’m logging my purchases and plans here.

I also bought some maternity clothes. So far, I can get away with most of my normal tops, but not my normal bottoms.  Still, I’ve found this whole process annoying and more expensive than I was hoping.  I might post more about it later, but it makes me grumpy.  Some of it was just my own mistakes, and some of it is the fact that buying clothes that are temporary is just annoying.  My SIL sent me several things that she hadn’t donated yet, so that helped a lot!


May was a fun month for work on my “small” project, which will become a big portion of my time for the next 3 months.  I finally told everyone at work about my good news, and it seems like accommodations will be able to be arranged.  Legally, my job is protected for some amount of time (I think more than 12 weeks with additional California laws), but I am obviously worried about my specific role and projects.


I visited my family in my home town the week after Mother’s Day to tell them the good news.  They were really excited!  There hasn’t been a baby in my immediate family for about 10 years.  I can’t remember what else fun happened in May!

As far as pregnancy stuff goes, I’m still getting by with very minimal negative symptoms.  A few headaches here and there, a bit more peeing, some stuffiness and nose bleeds – but no real pain or sickness at this point.  I’ve been a bit less tired than I was early on, but still a few more naps than usual!   My weight is right on track, my doctors appointments have all been fine, and the major anatomy ultrasound happens in late June.  The 2nd trimester is supposed to be the easiest, but honestly, it has been mostly easy and I am feeling very lucky so far!

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  1. June 27, 2018 7:10 pm

    I finally got fed up with my iPhone 5c (only had 8GB, and battery was crummy) so I also upgraded to the iPhone 8. It feels so weird to have so much free space on a phone!

    I also hated buying maternity clothes (spending money on something you wont wear very long). Luckily one of my friends was able to lend me a ton of maternity clothes for both of my pregnancies, but I still bought a few of my own pieces. I started wearing some of my husbands jackets and tshirts by the end of this last pregnancy! Keep in mind you’ll also be wearing maternity clothes for at least a little while after you have the baby, so you’ll get a bit more wear out of them (I’m not sure when I’ll be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants…)

    Glad to hear you’ve had minimal negative symptoms! Hope things continue to go well!

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