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April Goal Results

May 3, 2011

1.  Track all spending with our new plan. T has been cooperating, and I’m sad to see some of the numbers, but it needed to be done!  Next month we’ll be more focused on meeting the numbers rather than the tracking

2.  Marathon training!  It’s less than a month away! Yes!!!!!! 

3.  Finish several incomplete March goals:

  • Self-training:  Fail.  I’ve lost motivation here, but I promise to pick it back up.
  • Try a homemade energy gel: Fail.  Oh well.
  • Run one practice race:  Yes!  I ran my first 5k and was really happy with my time.

4.  Have a conversation with my manager. This was actually hard, because I was out of work most of the month on jury duty, and when I was in, he was out on vacation or work travel.   We had a brief chat and I’m optimistic and happy.

5.  Create travel budget & plan for the rest of the year. So excited about this one, but I only got as far as the planning, not the budgeting. 

6.  Pursue changes (regarding #4). I pursued them, but this is more of a long term thing I think.  I guess I took a few steps, and so I’ll count that as a win.  

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